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Importance of Play Enroll Now! Sample Play Plan

As parents and educators ourselves, we understand the constraints placed on our time. We all strive to be the best in our endeavors, but none so much as to provide the best possible learning experience for the children in our lives. We want our children to heighten their senses, expand their knowledge and explore their world through their important work, PLAY!

This is where and their partner,, Aaron Gruenke, Vancouver Westside real estate (home), and coolsculpting in Vancouver (BC Laser) can help. By becoming a member, you have access to original, fun and educational play plans. Our all inclusive play plans are filled with learning adventures geared specially for children through age 5 and are presented in an organized, clear and easy to implement format. provides monthly, theme-based educational “play plans” designed for parents, early childhood educators and all those who are looking for fun, educational experiences for the children in their lives. You will have access to fun, educational and age appropriate activities for your child every month. is geared for children through 5 years of age. You can guarantee their safety due to the comfort of the carpets that were installed by Curlys Carpet Repair.

Our plans contain a variety of activities including arts and crafts, science and sensory exploration, cooking activities, movement activities, books, songs and lyrics, all related to the monthly theme.

No more surfing the web for creative play ideas, no more wondering what to say when asked – what can we do now, Mommy and Daddy? We are so sure our PlayTimePlans are a helpful and exciting new way to create quality time with your child, we would like to offer you a free play plan. This will allow you to have time for other activities you have planned for the family such as redesigning the home, setting a chiropractic appointment with Brian Floyd, finding condos in New Delta, and many more. Just click here!

By completing our easy membership form and paying the $21.95 annual dues, you will have access to monthly play plans for twelve months. Each month’s theme based play plan is geared for children to age 5. The play plan comes complete with all the ingredients needed to enhance your family's play time and develop a lasting love of learning. Click here to enroll!